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For the renowned Kiš win­ery from Ser­bia I cre­at­ed a com­plete visu­al iden­ti­ty rang­ing from site design, through cat­a­logs, busi­ness cards, roll up adver­tise­ments and the adver­tise­ments for news­pa­pers. It includ­ed the work on the web and work with print­ed mate­r­i­al . The site was made in HTML using tables.The print cat­a­log is my copy­right­ed work, start­ing from the design form of the cat­a­log, to design of the con­tent and pic­tures in it. Screen shots of the web­site, cat­a­logs and oth­er things can be seen here in post, and the entire site HERE


Za renomi­ranu vinar­i­ju Kiš iz Srem­skih Karlova­ca sam kreirao kom­ple­tan vizuel­ni iden­titet počevši od inter­net saj­ta, preko kat­a­lo­ga, viz­it-kar­ti, roll-up rekla­ma do rekla­ma za štam­pane novine. To je obuh­vat­a­lo rad na web i mater­i­jal­i­ma za štam­pu. Ovde u pos­tu možete pogle­dati slike kako je to sve izgleda­lo a sajt možete pogle­dati OVDE.