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Giv­en that pho­tog­ra­phers are often con­front­ed with theft of their pho­tographs which they put on the inter­net, it is very impor­tant from time to time to check whether any unau­tho­rized use of their images took place.

There are few ways to do that. First way is to go to Google images and click cam­era icon.


Then new menu will appear where you can either paste URL of your pho­to from your site or upload a pho­to from your com­put­er.


Google will then show all search results which you can check for copy­right infringe­ment.

And here are some oth­er image search tips:

  • Upload oth­er ver­sions of your image, espe­cial­ly if you’ve post­ed them online
  • Cre­ate some vari­a­tions of your image and then do a image search to see if some­one is using a Pho­to­shoped ver­sion of your work
  • Upload dif­fer­ent sizes of your image.  You might get more search results

Google also has a nice advanced image search page that lets you search by image size, file type, col­ors, region and more.

The oth­er way is slight­ly quick­er way to do this. If you use Google Chrome, there’s a plu­g­in called “Search by Image for Google” that allows you to right click on an image and send it straight to a Google Images search.

Here you can click to install this plu­g­in and new com­mand will appear in your con­text menu when you right click on your image that will allow you to send your pho­to direct­ly to a Google Images search.