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Almost every day I receive great com­pli­ments from col­leagues and vis­i­tors of my sites from all around the world and I’m very proud.

Recent­ly great col­league of mine and great pro­fes­sion­al, Mar­tin Wilm­sen from Hol­land, has added the link to my site on links page at his site under the “Cool and beau­ti­ful” sec­tion:

When I thanked him for that, I received an email from him with the words of praise that have left me speech­less: “Your lev­i­ta­tion pho­tos with the expla­na­tions are awe­some! Thanks for the inspi­ra­tion!

At Dan Oster­gren wrote about my pho­tos: “These are STUNNING! I am in com­plete awe of your work! More, please! SO inspir­ing!

At one of the mem­bers wrote: “I just looked at your web site. You, sir, are liv­ing proof of what I firm­ly believe: it’s not the cam­era that takes a great pho­to. You have some great work on there.

At as a com­ment for my black light exper­i­ment one mem­ber wrote: “Very inter­est­ing. Amazing.When we open our minds what we can come up with. Great idea and will­ing­ness to try some­thing new !!!

And these are only part of the com­pli­ments that I received and that I am very proud of. 🙂 Thank you guys! I real­ly appre­ci­ate it!