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Since many of you, via email and on var­i­ous pho­to­graph­ic forums asked me to explain how I made ​​this pho­to in this tuto­r­i­al I will explain “how to” and pro­vide files for down­load.

First­ly it is nec­es­sary to have a black light. These lamps are sim­i­lar to neon lamps, but they give a spe­cif­ic light, also known as ultra­vi­o­let under which all objects with bright and flu­o­res­cent col­ors shine as if they were them­selves a source of light. These lamps are often used in dis­cos, in devices for test­ing mon­ey, etc. If you want to learn more about the black light, please click HERE and read the expla­na­tions and look at the pho­tographs.

So, as a light source I used black light. My mod­el wore a vibrant green col­or dress which under this illu­mi­na­tion pro­duced fan­tas­tic light effect. In order to suc­cess­ful­ly take this pic­ture, I had to increase the ISO val­ue to 3200, the aper­ture to a max­i­mum (the widest open­ing), and of course I still had to extend the expo­sure time. It was lit­tle com­pli­cat­ed because the mod­el is sup­posed to stand absolute­ly still dur­ing the pho­tograph­ing. When I made ​​the shot with which I was sat­is­fied I opened a pho­to in pho­to edit­ing pro­gram so I could slight­ly improve the expo­sure and elim­i­nate the noise which is inevitable at this high ISO val­ues. And this is the result that I got.


After that I used some Smoke brush­es which I found on web to make inter­est­ing red smoke. Brush­es that I used can be down­loaded HERE. For the col­or I used cig­a­rette ember col­or. Just use eye­drop­per tool to pick up that red col­or. You will need to make some lay­er mask of a mod­els body to cov­er the smoke that should seem to go behind the mod­el and which need to look some­thing like this.


For the back­ground smoke I made sep­a­rate lay­er and adjust­ed its vis­i­bil­i­ty to some­thing like 35% and used the same lay­er mask from above to achieve the effect of the smoke spreads behind the mod­el. And this is the final image.


So that’s all folks!Pretty sim­ple and inter­est­ing isn’t it?. 🙂