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Guys from orga­nized webi­nar on facial retouch­ing using Pho­to­shop actions with pho­to retouch­er Kristi­na Sherk of Here is the video and Pho­to­shop actions for PC and Mac can be down­loaded here.

Kristi­na Sherk of has worked in high-end pho­to retouch­ing for over nine years. With a back­ground in pho­tog­ra­phy, she’s high­ly sought after for her real­is­tic retouch­ing tech­nique and respect for main­tain­ing her clients’ pho­to­graph­ic style.

Your biggest por­trait jobs might require a pro­fes­sion­al like Kristi­na, but your more “every­day” shoots can still ben­e­fit from some sim­ple edit­ing and retouch­ing in Pho­to­shop.

In this webi­nar, Kristi­na will do a live demo in Pho­to­shop. She’ll go through a sequence of com­mands and oper­a­tions that she typ­i­cal­ly uses on a head­shot, and show us how to record them as a Pho­to­shop quick action. Kristi­na will also make the action avail­able for down­load­ing after the webi­nar.

Using the action

In Pho­to­shop CS6, the action should select the Skin Tones auto­mat­i­cal­ly. After you run the action, edit each of the new lay­ers as Kristi­na out­lines in the video. The Pho­to­shop CS5 is slight­ly dif­fer­ent. Since the Skin Tones options doesn’t exist in the Select -> Col­or Range menu, Kristi­na chose to select “high­lights” from the Select -> Col­or Range menu. This might not work as well for sub­jects with dark­er skin – if this is the case, sim­ply use the Eye Drop­per tool to select the col­or range that works for your sub­ject.