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In this tuto­r­i­al I will show you one of my tech­niques on how to quick­ly retouch the face with use of Cam­era raw and Pho­to­shop. This tech­nique is use­ful if your mod­el has a rel­a­tive­ly clean and smooth face. First­ly open your pho­to which you want to retouch in Cam­era raw. You can use raw or jpg files. At the bot­tom of the page with basic set­tings you will find “Clar­i­ty” slid­er.


Slide it to the left and watch facial imper­fec­tions dis­ap­pear. Do not over­do it and make the face too flat. Find some opti­mal adjust­ment. When you are sat­is­fied with results click “Open image” but­ton in the right bot­tom cor­ner to open image in Pho­to­shop. After that open the orig­i­nal image in Pho­to­shop also and you will now have two images with dif­fer­ent face clar­i­ty.

Orig­i­nal image


Cam­era raw image


After that take the Cam­era raw image and place it on the lay­er above the orig­i­nal image. Because clar­i­ty effect affect­ed the whole image we need to restrict the effect to face by apply­ing the lay­er mask. Apply lay­er mask to the lay­er where Cam­era raw image is placed by click­ing mask icon on the lay­er palette. But hold the Alt key on your key­board pressed while click­ing the mask icon to invert the mask. 


After that select the face using your pre­ferred method. You can use mag­ic wand, quick selec­tion tool, col­or range com­mand in selec­tion menu or any oth­er method that you like. Avoid select­ing eyes, lips, eye­brows etc. Just select uni­form parts of the face. When you fin­ish your selec­tion go to the Edit menu and Fill the selec­tion with white col­or. You will need to get lay­er mask like this.


In this way, Cam­era raw image will be vis­i­ble only where the white areas of the mask are. After that you can use Spot heal­ing brush tool to fix oth­er small flaws which remained vis­i­ble. And this is the final image that you’ll get using this tech­nique.


If you retouch skin too much and destroy some parts of the skin tex­ture, it can be restored using the tech­nique described in the video below.

In one of the future tuto­ri­als will show you some oth­er tech­niques for retouch­ing pho­tos, so stay tuned.