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As I promised in the pre­vi­ous tuto­r­i­al, I will explain how I made this pho­to. For this pic­ture you real­ly need to be a skilled pho­tog­ra­ph­er and also very skilled in pho­to edit­ing pro­gram because it is nec­es­sary to design stage care­ful­ly and fit all parts after. This image is actu­al­ly made up of 8 pho­tos. I will not once again explain the basics since I have explained it in the pre­vi­ous tuto­r­i­al, which you can read HERE. Here I will explain the steps and think­ing behind the cre­ation of this image.

First of course I took a pic­ture of the com­plete scene and a mod­el. Can­dles in glass­es I put on the box­es which I will erase after in pho­to edit­ing pro­gram to achieve the lev­i­ta­tion effect.


After that I took sev­er­al pic­tures of the scene with no mod­el, but I with­drew can­dles one by one so I could grab all the reflec­tions on the wood­en floor because I would need them when I start to com­pose the pho­to.






After that you need to open all pho­tos in pho­to edit­ing pro­gram and place them one above the oth­er on sep­a­rate lay­ers and start eras­ing all items that should not be seen in the pho­to­graph. Since I am forced to take pho­tographs in my apart­ment and that the door to the room is vis­i­ble, I even had to clone the entire right side of the wall. Of course you will prob­a­bly need to adjust the tone, col­or, bright­ness and sat­u­ra­tion to make every­thing right.

Thats all folks for now. Stay tuned because more cool tuto­ri­als will fol­low.