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My wish was to some­how change my Face­book pro­file page and make it more fun and inter­est­ing. Idea was to make my cov­er and pro­file pic­ture to inter­act with each oth­er. First­ly, I took a print screen of my Face­book page with my key on the key­board, which is sur­pris­ing­ly named just like that. 🙂 Than I opened pho­to edi­tor and made new doc­u­ment with dimen­sions of my screen and past­ed pic­ture of my screen from clip­board. This pic­ture I used like a tem­plate.


After that I mea­sured dimen­sions of cov­er pho­to and pro­file pho­to and came up with this num­bers:

cov­er pho­to 851px x 315px

pro­file pho­to: 160px x 160px

After that I got down to work. For my cov­er I made tex­tured back­ground with my site address writ­ten on the cen­ter.


For my pro­file pic­ture I have decid­ed to use this pic­ture which was made for some oth­er pur­pos­es but I find it very fun­ny and inter­est­ing enough for this.


After that I used crop tool to crop my pro­file pic­ture with square size ratio and placed my new cov­er and pro­file pic­ture on sep­a­rate lay­ers over the print screen tem­plate pic­ture.



Then I low­ered the opac­i­ty of those two lay­ers so the tem­plate became vis­i­ble and posi­tioned my pro­file pic­ture so my eyes were placed above the top bor­der line of the pro­file thumb­nail. After that I used mar­quee tool to make selec­tion inside inner bor­ders of pro­file thumb­nail, clicked with the right mouse but­ton and made lay­er via copy from selec­tion. That pic­ture I will use for pro­file pic­ture. I made new doc­u­ment with 160px x 160px in size and moved that new lay­er made via copy to the new doc­u­ment and saved it. Actu­al­ly its not a bad idea to make this pro­file pic­ture lit­tle bit big­ger because Face­book requires at least 180 x 180 pixels.I got some­thing like this.


Lets get back now to the cov­er pho­to. Using the tem­plate as a guide I have erased all unnec­es­sary parts of my pro­file pic­ture above the top bor­der line of the thumb­nail. Care­ful­ly I have erased every­thing around my head so I came up with some­thing like this.


Then I saved it to my com­put­er. After that I have uploaded to Face­book my cov­er and pro­file pic­ture, but when you upload your pro­file pic­ture don’t for­get to check “scale to fit” check box. When this cov­er is uploaded only the upper part of the pho­to will be vis­i­ble (upper part of my head and my eyes) and the rest of it will be cov­ered by actu­al pro­file pho­to. And thats it. As easy as pie. Of course you can come up with some of your ideas and make some inter­est­ing effects. Pos­si­bil­i­ties are great.