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I called this pic­ture “Old times”, because with its con­tent and black and white tech­nique reminds me of some past time. This is also one of the pho­tos from the first series of nude pho­tographs that I took. It was pho­tographed with the ana­log cam­era Zen­it XP.


Ovu fotografi­ju sam naz­vao stara vre­me­na, jer me svo­jim sadrža­jem i crno- belom tehnikom aso­ci­ra na neko proš­lo vreme. Ovo je takod­je jed­na od fotografi­ja iz prvog ser­i­jala akt fotografi­je koji sam fotografisao. Fotografisana je analog­n­im fotoa­paratom Zen­it XP.