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This image, along with a pho­to­graph titled “Fight the vio­lence  2” is part of pho­to sto­ry which aims to call atten­tion to vio­lence against women and to awake aware­ness among women that the vio­lence should be coun­tered. As for the tech­nique that was used in this and the next pho­to, the point is that the image was obtained by com­bin­ing sev­er­al pho­tos.


Ova fotografi­ja, zajed­no sa fotografi­jom pod nazivom “Fight the vio­lence 2”, je deo foto priče čiji je cilj skre­tan­je pažn­je na nasil­je nad žena­ma i da probu­di svest kod žena da se tom nasilju tre­ba suprot­stavi­ti. Što se tiče tehnike koja je korišće­na kod ove i sledeće fotografi­je, sušti­na je da je fotografi­ja dobi­je­na kom­bi­naci­jom više fotografi­ja.