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Also one of the pho­tos from the first series of nude pho­tos in black and white tech­nique. Also pho­tographed with an ana­log cam­era Zen­it XP with back light and a very small depth of field to achieve the effect of soft­ness and mild blur­ri­ness of pho­to. Of course, the motive is close up pho­to of beau­ti­ful female breasts.


Takod­je jed­na od fotografi­ja iz prvog ser­i­jala akt fotografi­je u crno beloj tehni­ci. Takod­je fotografisana sa analog­n­im aparatom Zen­it XP sa pozadin­skim svet­lom i vrlo mal­om dubin­skom oštri­nom radi pos­ti­zan­ja efek­ta mekoće i blage zamućenos­ti fotografi­je. Nar­avno motiv je close up fotografi­ja prelepih žen­skih gru­di.